The Wyoming Hathaway Scholarships are an educational program designed to encourage students from the State of Wyoming to continue their post secondary education and help them financially in their efforts to earn a college education. The program itself is made up of four different separate scholarships based on merit, each having its own eligibility requirements, as well as a scholarship that is need based for students who can demonstrate financial difficulty.

Students who wish to apply for the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarships should be able to demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, community service involvement and leadership skills. Substantial packages await selected applicants, as the grants can be used to pay for various college education needs.

Hathaway Scholarships Eligibility

The Hathaway Scholarships come in three different levels, each of which possessing its own set of eligibility criteria.

  • The Honors Scholarship requires applicants to have at least 3.5 GPA and 25 ACT score. This scholarship offers up to $1600 per semester for 8 full time semesters.
  • The Performance Scholarship meanwhile requires not only aptitude for the arts but as well as a minimum of 3.0 GPA and 25 ACT. Up to $1200 will be provided each semester for 8 consecutive semesters to grant recipients.
  • Opportunity Scholarships meanwhile require a 2.5 GPA and 19 ACT, and up to $800 per semester will be given to selected applicants.

Interested parties are requested to apply a year in advance so that their entries would be properly screened and reviewed. Shortlisted applicants would then have to undergo a series of selection stages before they are deemed deserving for any of the grants.

Aside from academic requirements, applicants must also be citizens of the United States and permanent residents of the State of Wyoming. They should also plan to pursue college education in a post secondary institution within the state.

How to Apply for Hathaway Scholarships

To apply for Wyoming Hathaway Scholarships, applicants should submit a completely-filled up application form that is available at the State of Wyoming Department of Education. School transcripts, letters of recommendation and other requirements are enlisted on the application form.

For more information about the scholarship requirements and screening schedules, applicants may contact either Julie Magee ( or Sean Moore ( at the Educational Quality & Accountability Unit of the Department of Education in the State of Wyoming located at 2020 Grand Avenue, Suite 500, Laramie WY 82070

Hathaway Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of application entries varies. It is thus best to contact the Hathaway Office to get in touch with the current application schedules and other important dates.