Overview of the Texas Public Educational Grant

The Texas Public Educational Grant is a scholarship program dedicated to the students of the State of Texas to help fund for their college education needs. It is designed to provide substantial financial assistance to high school seniors who plan to go to college but could not afford to do so due to monetary constraints, as well as to current college students who are experiencing troubles in paying for their educational needs.

The amount of scholarship money to be given to recipients varies on the student’s needs, the amount of available funding in the Texas state budget, as well as other related factors. No award shall exceed the student’s actual financial need.


To qualify for the Texas Public Educational Grant, applicants must be able to satisfy the following conditions

  • College students residing in the State of Texas and enrolled in any public post secondary institution located within the state.
  • Students graduating from Texas high schools.
  • Proof of financial need.
  • Registration for the Selective Service or exemption from the requirement

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship should be enrolled full-time in only public colleges or universities within the state. Private institutions, career colleges, as well as bible schools are not eligible to honor this scholarship.

How to Apply to the Texas Public Educational Grant Program

To apply for the Texas Public Educational Grant, students should fill up a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form prior to enrollment. Forms are available online at www.fafsa.gov, or through the financial aid office of their institution.

Other requirements for the scholarship are determined by the institution applicants are enrolled in, thus it is best to inquire early in order to get hold of schedules, requirements and other related information regarding the scholarship.

Texas Educational Grant Application Deadline

The deadline of application for the Texas Public Educational Grant varies each year, though students are encourage to file a FAFSA application early to be included in the shortlist of prospective grant recipients for the next semester.

It is important to note that scholarship funds are not always available for the intended semester they are applied for; students should thus update their scholarship status regularly to receive funds on time.