Theology and bible scholarships are religious scholarships aimed for students who wish to pursue studies in theology, Christianity and other faith-based programs upon entering college. Such courses prove to be as expensive as their academic counterparts especially in terms of research and other requisites, thus these grants are developed to support particularly those students who are having some difficulty paying off their education needs.

Types of Theology and Bible Scholarships

Most bible scholarships are funded by religious groups and affiliations, colleges and universities. These grants usually cover the costs of basic education, such as tuition, college fees, as well as books and other miscellaneous needs.

National Ministries Undergraduate Scholarships

These grants are available to students who also happen to be active members of Baptist churches in the United States. The grant money is paid directly to the institution to help offset tuition expenses of the scholarship recipient.

Pryor Scholarship

Students from Arkansas Baptist churches who are planning or currently taking up degrees in religious education may apply for this grant, provided that their studies are in preparation for mission work at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Rudy and Micaela Camacho Scholarship

Funded by the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas, this scholarship is given to two undergraduate students each year. Recipients are given $1,000 each per semester and the grant can be renewed for up to four academic years. Applicants for the said scholarship should be members of any Hispanic Baptist Church in Texas, and must display academic achievement as well as active participation in church events.

Mary Hill Davis Ethnic/Minority Student Scholarship Program

This grant is available to minority students who intend to take up vocations within Baptist ministries in Texas. It can be renewed for up to four years as long as the recipient maintains the grant’s other requirements, such as a 2.5 minimum GPA.

Champions for Christ

This religious organization has been providing scholarships for over 25 years already, and it is available to students who are taking up ministry studies. It covers full scholarships for students who plan to serve in Christian ministries upon graduation.

Jason Chen Faith and Learning Scholarship

Sponsored by the Geneva Campus Ministry Board (GCMB), this scholarship is awarded to one undergraduate student currently enrolled n the University of Iowa. The chosen student will receive a $1000 scholarship from the Ministry, and selection will be based on the applicant’s dedication to Jesus Christ and the history Christian faith, as well as his or her commitment to outstanding academic achievement.

Tessie Eerligh Scharing Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship package amounts up to $10,000 and is given to a deserving student who has demonstrated involvement in church and community activities, and outstanding academic achievement despite financial need. Interested parties should be members of the Churches of Christ and are enrolled in any liberal arts college or university.

Benefits of a Theology Scholarship

Theology scholarships offer significant amount of financial help especially to students who are finding it hard to pay for their college education need. These scholarships also increase the involvement of grant recipients in church work and other related activities for their respective communities, thus they not only get to finish their studies but at the same time celebrate their faith to the fullest.