Veterans Tuition Awards Overview

The New York HESC Veterans Tuition Awards (VTA) is a scholarship program established to help eligible veterans pay for their costs of education to an undergraduate or graduate degree in any approved post secondary institution or vocational school in the State of New York.

This scholarship is funded by the New York State each year, and is intended to pay for the costs of college education, such as tuition, books and other matriculation expenses. Award packages for the year 2011-2012 at $4,895.10 or 98% of the recipient’s tuition, whichever is less.

This is a need-based grant, thus applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for the scholarship.


To qualify for the New York VTAs, applicants must qualify under one of the following conditions

  • Must be a United States armed forces veteran post February 28, 1961 who have received any one of the following
    • Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
    • Navy Expeditionary Medal
    • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • Must be a Persian Gulf War Veteran post 08/02/1990
  • Must be a U.S Armed forces veteran who served in Indochina between 12/22/1961 till the end of the Vietnam conflict around May 1975
  • Must be a U.S Armed forces veteran who served in Afghanistan post 9/11/, a date infamous for the twin tower attacks in 2001

Aside from the basic veterans’ requirements, applicants must also possess:

  • US citizenship
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • HESC eligibility
  • Residency in the State of New York
  • Must be currently enrolled to either a full time or part time degree course. The degree can be either a graduate or an undergraduate degree. The education institute can be any New York State institution or vocational training school
  • Must be able to demonstrate a record of having a good standing academically
  • Be charged a minimum of $200 in tuition fees for each academic year

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, students should fill up the FAFSA. You can fill out the FAFSA either online or by acquiring the FAFSA forms in the respective college or training school. Veterans who have not filed a FAFSA may complete and submit a payment application for the scholarship grant at the HESC office.

They should also comply with specific requirements provided by their respective institutions. Those studying in vocational training schools would only have to complete the Veterans Tuition Award Supplement.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for application to the New York HESC Veterans Tuition Awards is on every May 1st of the academic year in which the scholarship is pursued.