Overview of the Kentucky College Access Program

The Kentucky College Access Program (CAP) is a educational funding project established to help undergraduate students from the State of Kentucky to pay for college needs. This scholarship is based primarily on financial need, thus applicants must be able to provide proof of financial necessity. Through this scholarship, students are able to get through their needs while studying in private or public college or university, junior college or technical school.

Each recipient of the CAP may receive up to $1,900 each year or $950 per semester, depending on the number of credits he or she is currently enrolled in.


To qualify for the College Access Program, applicants should be currently enrolled in a post secondary institution in the State of Kentucky, must residents of the state for at least one year and are US citizens. Full-time students should be enrolled for at least 12 semester hours, while half-time students should be in 6 semester hours in an academic program that may be finished within 2 years.

To be considered for the program, the total expected family contribution towards the applicant’s educational needs should not exceed $5,273.

Students applying for the grant should be enrolled or should be planning to enroll in the following universities. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and could change from the time this article was written.

  • Alice Lloyd College
  • Ashland Community College
  • Asbury University
  • ATA College
  • Beckfield College
  • Big Sandy Community College
  • Berea College
  • Bowling Green College
  • Bluegrass Community College
  • Brescia University
  • Bellarmine University
  • Brown Mackie College
  • Campbellsville University
  • Centre College
  • Daymar College
  • Elizabethtown Community College
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Gateway Community College
  • Galen College of Nursing
  • Georgetown College
  • Hopkinsville Community College
  • Hazard Community College
  • Henderson Community College
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Jefferson Community College
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • Kentucky Christian University
  • Kentucky State University
  • Lincoln College of Technology
  • Lincoln Memorial University
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Mid-Continent University
  • Maysville Community College
  • McKendree University
  • Murray State University
  • Midway College
  • Madisonville Community College
  • Morehead University
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • National College
  • Northwood University
  • Owensboro Community College
  • Pikeville College
  • Southeast Kentucky College
  • Somerset Community College
  • Spalding University
  • Spencerian College
  • St. Catharine College
  • Sullivan University
  • Thomas More College
  • Transylvania University
  • University of Kentucky
  • Union College
  • University of the Cumberlands
  • University of Louisville
  • Western Kentucky University
  • West Kentucky College

How to Apply to the College Access Program (CAP)

To apply for the CAP grant, students should completely fill up and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Other requirements will then be determined by the institution the student is enrolled at.

CAP Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of application entries varies per institution, as the grant itself is on a first come, first served basis. For more information, contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.


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