Georgia Scholar Program Overview

The Georgia Scholar Program is a scholarship program that was developed by the Georgia Department of Education. The aim of the Scholar program is to recognize the efforts of outstanding high school seniors in both academics and community service. This grant is managed by both the Georgia Department of Education and the Office of Student Learning and Assessment through local participation in public school districts and administrators of private schools established within the State of Georgia.

The amount of scholarship money provided to recipients varies on the basis of need and academic aptitude. It can be renewed for up to four academic years and can be used in both private and public colleges and universities in the State of Georgia.

Georgia Scholar Program Eligibility

To qualify for the Georgia Scholar Program, student applicants should have an SAT score of at least 1360 (combined score on  mathematical and critical reading sections of the SATs). They should have earned a minimum of twenty two Carnegie credit units for graduation in the following subjects:

  • 3 Units in Science
  • 2 Units in a single foreign language
  • 3 Units in Social Studies, US Studies, Citizenship, World History and Economics,
  • 4 Units in Mathematics
  • 1 Unit in Fine Arts
  • 4 Units in English language arts

Applicants should possess a GPA of at least 3.75, and have participated in at least three different interscholastic events during the grades 9-12. They must also provide proof of student leadership both within and outside the school.

How to Apply to the Georgia Scholar Program

Application forms for the Georgia Scholar Program are distributed in the different public and private high schools in Georgia, and are as well available in Office of Student Learning. Among the basic application requirements that have to be submitted are transcript of record and letters of recommendation from faculty members, school administrators or community development organizers in which the applicant is involved with.

For more information, interested parties may contact Dale Lyles, Director of the Governor’s Honors Program at the Georgia Department of Education. His contact number is 404.657.0183 and his email id is

Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline of application for the Georgia Scholar Program is on March 1st of each year. Late application submissions will not be honored by the Georgia Department of Education.