Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund Overview

The Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund is an organization that provides scholarship grants to high school graduates from the District of Columbia in need of financial assistance to pay for their college education needs. Ten outstanding high school seniors are awarded with $1,000 of cash money to help pay for their college costs such as tuition, books, miscellaneous needs and other related expenses.

This scholarship is based on financial need, thus recipients will be based on their financial status, as well as their academic achievements and activeness in community service in their area. The grant money can be renewed each academic year until the recipient finally graduates from post-secondary education.

Kappa Scholarship Eligibility

In order to apply for the Kappa Scholarship, applicants should be residents of District of Columbia and are about to pursue college education upon graduating from high school. They should as well demonstrate financial need through their parents’ federal income tax returns.

Aside from demonstrating financial need, applicants must also have good academic standing, with a weighted GPA of at least 2.5 or higher.

The Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund is also a minority scholarship, and applicants should come from African-American background.

Students who wish to apply for the grant must as well be graduating from high schools in the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church and Manassas in the District of Columbia.

The scholarship is open to all African-American males residing not only in the District of Columbia, as well as in North Virginia and Maryland. Children and spouses of members of the Alexandria-Fairfax Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are not eligible for the grant.

How to Apply

To apply for the Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund, interested parties should fill up an application form which can be downloaded from the Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund website (http://www.ksef-inc.com/). They must also submit three letters of recommendation from their high school administrators or faculty members, and a copy of their official transcripts.

Kappa Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of application requirements for the Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund is every March 31 of each year.