Dance scholarships are offered to students who want to pursue formal dance training classes after graduating from high school. Taking up a dance major in college can be as expensive as other academic majors mainly because of its practical requirements and specialized training, thus using a scholarship to pay for such expenses would definitely lessen any student’s worries when it comes to finances. At present, not only colleges and schools offer dance scholarships, but as well as private institutions and special organizations which focus on promoting dance as an integral part of the performing arts.

Types of Dance Scholarships

Dance scholarships vary in amount and source; regardless, the money from a dance scholarship will go a long way in paying for basic education expenses as well as costumes, shoes and many other specialized needs that are prevalent in dance courses and related classes.

American Harlequin Corporation Dance Scholarships

The American Harlequin Corporation is a private firm that specializes in manufacturing flooring for dance halls and studio. It offers several scholarship grants to deserving applicants. Interested applicants should be at least fifteen years old with a maximum age cutoff at 21. They should be currently enrolled in a dance program in high school or college and should be nominated by their mentors in order to qualify for the scholarship. There are several prizes up for grabs. One lucky student will get $5000 along with two $3000 scholarships, three $2000 scholarships, two $1000 and finally about twelve scholarships worth about $500 are also on offer.

Washington Post Dance Scholarship

The Washington Post offers scholarships in dance and other performing arts each year. Eligibility criteria require that student applicants be Maryland, D.C. and Virginia residents and must have received a minimum of a 2.5 GPA during their junior year in order to qualify for the scholarship. Applicants are also required to submit an essay about the impact of performing arts in today’s society as well as a head-shot and video of their dancing skills that will end up being screened by the judges. Winners of this scholarship may receive close to $1,500 in funding. Money awarded is sent directly to the respective colleges upon enrollment.

Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the American Tap Dance Foundation and is available to tap dance students between the age of seven and nineteen. The Gregory Hines Youth scholarship is both a merit bases and a need-based scholarship. The scholarship is based on talent and skills as well as financial need. Recipients of this scholarship can look forward to covering a portion of their tuition costs with the money awarded.
Isadora Duncan Apprentice Scholarship

The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation

The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation offers full-time and partial scholarships to aspiring applicants who wish to enroll at the Isadora Dance Company. Apprentice positions at the dance company however are by invitation and each applicant is required to audition for the position. If successful, the applicant could end up with a partial or a full scholarship. Partial scholarship recipients get a partial waiver of their tuition and full scholarship winners get their entire tuition and training expenses waived. Apart from tuition and training waivers, winners of the Isadora Duncan Dance foundation scholarships get to participate and exhibit their dancing skills on stage.

Benefits of a dance scholarship

Dancing is an art and craft that is loved and appreciated by many. Students who wish to pursue formal dance training not only get to exhibit their talents and skills but also more importantly, get to practice and hone the craft to perfection. Dance scholarships help a lot in supporting their dreams of being established dancers and help them financially meet their educational expenses. Not to mention the indirect benefits that come with a scholarship, the chance to go to a top dance school, provide them with ample opportunities to meet already seasoned individuals in the said field and eventually help accomplish their dream each time they go out to perform.