The International Association of Culinary Professionals is an organization committed to the exchange, improvement and development of knowledge and information. It strives to be the inspiration within the food and beverage industry worldwide especially among the professional organizations. With nearly over 3,000 members, the IACP is found in more than 32 countries and works everyday for the improvement and excellence of the food industry.

The IACP scholarship trust, The Culinary Trust was started on February 7, 1984 and was called CAREF. CAREF stood for Cooking Advancement Research and Education Foundation. CAREF’s main focus and contribution was to provide scholarships and grants for culinary education and research at a stage when the field of culinary arts was still forming and slowly beginning to emerge from widely held perception that of merely a trade to its current popular status as a choice profession. The Culinary Trust changed its name in 1994 to that of IACP Foundation and in the next decade worked closely with the main organization IACP to encourage and promote culinary education and research.

The Culinary Trust begins to accept applications for scholarships in the fall season each year.

Even if you are a student who has just begun or about to begin their culinary education or the one who is continuing your culinary education, or one who is doing a specialty education course in any accredited culinary school, you are automatically eligible for this culinary scholarship. Students taking online courses and other writing courses and research related to cooking are welcome to apply for the scholarship as well. The basic requirement is that you should be a high school graduate or equal.

To apply for this scholarship, you are expected to go online and download the application and just fill it after analyzing the entire listing of the scholarship programs before beginning.

Do ensure your application is submitted before the due dates since the processing takes its time.