Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Overview

The Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Program is a publicly-funded scholarship available to college students residing in the State of Connecticut who demonstrate financial need. Scholarship grants are available up to $8,332 per year and can be used to offset various college education needs such as tuition, books, transportation, board and lodging, and cost of living allowance. This scholarship has been in effect since 1983, and can be renewed each academic year.

Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Eligibility

Individuals who wish to apply for the Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Program must be full-time students in colleges and universities in Connecticut, and must be eligible for FAFSA and Federal Pell Grant. High school seniors who are in pursuit of college education in any public post-secondary institution are also welcome to apply for the grant.

While academic achievement is not a major consideration in this scholarship, applicants are expected to display at least 2.0 weighted GPA in order to become eligible for the grant. Federal income tax returns of parents of applicants should also be provided when applying for the scholarship.

How to Apply For The Connecticut Independent College Student Grant

The Connecticut Independent College Student Grant application form is available in the office of financial aid in the student’s college or university. It is thus best to contact the institution’s financial aid office in order to acquire and fill up forms as well as learn about the different scholarship requirements.

Aside from completing the application forms, students must as well provide copies of school transcripts and other proof stating financial need. Students who have already been awarded with the scholarship and plan to renew for the next academic year, they should be able to demonstrate good academic standing and continued eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline of application for the Connecticut Independent College Student Grant varies per institution. It is thus necessary to visit the college or university financial aid office to learn about the application period and deadline for submission of application, as well as other related selection processes for the grant.


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