Cancer scholarships are intended for students who are terminally ill or suffering from cancer. Students with cancer and are deemed to play an important role in society as they strive to achieve their dreams despite their medical condition. Cancer scholarships were instituted to help in giving them comfort, dignity and integrity to cancer patients even if their future is uncertain and in most cases face certain death. Cancer scholarships are also useful for students who are currently undergoing therapy since it gives them the opportunity to undergo treatment and work towards getting back their health and at the same time allow for furthering their education and continue to live a normal lives with a sense of achievement.

Types of Cancer Scholarships

There are different types of scholarships, depending on the mission, the organization behind the grant and the amount of money for financial assistance. These packages may not only be used in paying off the recipients’ college needs; some of them also provide assistance for medical and treatment bills.

Cancer for College

Cancer for College is a scholarship program awarded to cancer patients and those who have survived the illness who are currently enrolled in a four-year course in a university, community college or graduate school. The amount of scholarship money varies from $250 to $16,000 depending on the recipient’s need and completion of the program’s requirements.

Michael A. Hunter Memorial Scholarship

This program offers two packages of $5000 each to incoming college freshmen and currently enrolled college students who are at the same time suffering from leukemia or children of non-surviving leukemia patients. Applicants should display a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must living in Orange County, California.

Tim and Tom Gullikson Foundation

This foundation offers scholarships to individuals affected by brain tumors, such as patients, survivors and their family members. Although the foundation itself has already been dissolve din 2009, the fund continues to exist and is distributed to recipients via the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Nicki Leach Foundation

This organization offers scholarships to high school and college students suffering from cancer. The scholarship money can not only be used to pay for college needs, but as well as to support everyday expenses and medical bills.

Cancer Survivors’ Fund

The Cancer Survivors’ Fund offers scholarships to former cancer patients who have survived the illness via treatment and are planning to proceed to college. Recipients are chosen based on their hardship and financial need.

Vera Yip Memorial Scholarship

The Vera Yip Memorial scholarship is provided to current and former cancer patients who are intending to pursue college education. Up to $2500 of scholarship money is awarded to each recipient. Winners are selected based on their financial and medical hardship, dedication to pursuing college education, as well as their performance in community service. Deadline for application for the scholarship is on May 1st each year.

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation

This foundation offers college scholarships worth up to $2,500 each year for four years to incoming college freshmen who happen to be cancer survivors. Scholarships are restricted to applicants from Colorado and Montana.

Benefits of Cancer Scholarships

Cancer scholarships offer students basically a second chance in life. Whether they are currently fighting the illness or have survived the ordeal, these students have the right to live life according to their own wishes and choices. Scholarships for cancer students and cancer survivors  support in fulfilling a cancer student or cancer survivor’s aspirations by taking care of their financial needs and exposing them to environments where they can fully exercise their potential just like normal college students.