The Phoenix Suns is a charitable foundation started by Phoenix Suns CEO and Chairman Jerry Colangelo. The Phoenix Suns was incorporated in 1989 with the mission to assist children in the State of Arizona. The Phoenix Suns foundation run the popular SunStudent Scholarship which awards seventeen college scholarships each year to high school students from the state of Arizona.

Kevin Johnson Scholarship

Sixteen of the seventeen scholarships awarded by the Phoenix Suns as part of the SunStudents scholarship program will receive $2000 each and one student will receive the Kevin Johnson scholar as well as a scholarship worth $5000. The Kevin Johnson Scholarship is usually awarded to the student that is deemed to have been actively involved in community service such as volunteer services at school, community organizations or church.

SunStudents Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be a Senior in an Arizona High School and preparing to graduate
  • Have a GPA average (cumulative) of 2.7 or above
  • US Citizen
  • Provide all supporting documents required for the scholarship

SunStudents Scholarship Application

  • To apply to the SunStudents Scholarship program, you will have to do the following
  • Fill out a questionnaire detailing your community service involvement and activities such as volunteer services at clubs, schools, church and at other community organizations in Arizona.
  • Detailed questionnaire on all your extra curricular activities, awards and recognition received.
  • Details of your work experience if any
  • Two letters of recommendation. One of the recommendation letters must be from an administrator or a teacher at your high school.
  • All school transcripts
  • One 3000 character essay the topic of which changes each year.

Sun Students Scholarship Deadline

Feb 1st


The judging of the SunStudents scholarship will be done by the board of trustees of the Phoenix Sun Charities. Each of the applications will be judged on their merit, the submitted essay, the contributions made to community service, the rankings and performance of the student at school and letter of recommendations submitted.