The Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) Junior and Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program is an educational assistance program developed to help Alabama high school seniors who wish to enroll in performing arts courses in junior or community colleges within the state. A relatively small scholarship, this grant is used to supplement basic education needs such as tuition in public junior colleges or community colleges in Alabama. Students who wish to apply for the grant should be able to showcase talent in the performing arts, such as singing, acting, dancing or theater production skills.

ACHE Scholarship Eligibility

The ACHE Junior and Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program is available to incoming high school seniors and currently enrolled full-time students in public junior and community colleges within the State of Alabama. Unlike other scholarships which are granted on the basis of financial need, this program is provided based on talent; aspiring applicants are subject to undergo an audition process in which jury members would make their selection.

There are different types of auditions to be held during the application period. Applicants may provide a video of their performances during the submission of requirements, to be followed up with a live performance in front of a panel of judges.

How to Apply for the ACHE Scholarship Program

Individuals who are interested in applying for this scholarship may inquire at the coach, performing arts director, or financial aid officer in their respective junior or community college. Incoming freshmen may likewise contact the financial aid officer of their chosen institution to acquire further details about the selection process and other college-specific requirements.

ACHE Scholarship Application Deadlines

The deadline of this application varies per institution. There are public junior colleges which conduct auditions all year round, while there are community colleges which begin the application period during the second semester or during the summer term. It is thus best to contact the institution’s financial aid office in order to learn more about the scholarship’s application period and selection process, as well as the other eligibility requirements that have to be met before the audition.